About the Kposowa Foundation:

The Kposowa Foundation is a non-profit organization that fosters quality education, supports female empowerment, and ensures public health safety in rural Sierra Leone, West Africa.


Currently, we are focusing on establishing our digital training centre powered by solar energy to empower 600 high school students, community youths, and teachers in rural Sierra Leone.

Your generous contribution will enable us to educate more people and live better lives.

As of October 21, the U. S Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports the total cases recorded for Sierra Leone were 14,038 with 3,955 deaths. As of that date, all registered contacts had completed their 21-day monitoring period; only two high-risk contacts remained untraced. The last known patient with Ebola was confirmed free of Ebola on September 25 so the country was declared free of Ebola virus transmission on November 7, 2015!

Given the incredible need since the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone, we have been focusing on the deployment of local representatives educating villagers about the virus and prevention methods as well as providing them with hand-washing stations. Out of the 232 villages within the Bumpe Ngao Chiefdom, 222 remained unaffected.

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How Can I Help?

Though Sierra Leone has been declared Ebola-free, residents are still facing numerous challenges from its impact such as losing relatives to the disease, having been out of school for an entire school year, and away from work due to time in quarantine. That’s why we are currently focusing on our education center in Bumpe, where people learn how to use hardware and software to improve their skills.

Your generous contribution will enable us to educate more people and live better lives.